What Culture127 is all about.

Culture127 services

Culture127 harnesses the power of words to transform the culture's present narrative.
This is done through the following initiatives...

  • Corporate writing and editing support for small businesses, executives, self-starters and freelancers.
  • Mentoring a generation of storytellers and communicators through classes and workshops for children, youth and adults.
  • Resources and support for wordsmith creatives (writers, authors, bloggers, content marketers, you name it).

The story behind the cause...


Sue-Ann Tan spent nearly a decade in the advertising and marketing industry, trying unsuccessfully to find personal contentment in spinning brand campaigns that convince people to buy things they don’t need, or believe mindsets about themselves that are not true.

Growing up, Sue-Ann was an impressionable youth who consumed huge doses of media, which in turn shaped her belief system and identity. It was only in her late twenties that she began to see the importance of responsible mass messaging and healthy influencer-ship. This was after watching her younger peers battle with negative self-esteem issues, and also having to un-learn many mindsets herself.

Having been at both the giving and receiving end of inaccurate messages and social media content, Sue-Ann decided to do her part to make an impact on the lives of consumers and the next-generation today. She began Culture127, where she uses her writing and teaching skills to ‘transform the narrative’.