Identity: Who Do You Say You Are?

I was a job hopper in my early twenties.

I was a bar girl, inflight cabin crew, advertising executive, PR executive, journalist, salesgirl,  front desk staff… and I could never really stay in a position for long, because I would get bored or dissatisfied after a while.

Occasionally I felt that the employment route wasn’t for me, so I tried being my own boss. I started my first design business at 21. Later on, I tried my hand at wedding planning (with zero experience). Then, I tried the passive income blogger life. Then, I convinced someone to partner me in opening a dance studio!

After all that disappointment with trying to find my identity through my work, I tried to find it through big passions. I was a “strong sexy pole dancer”.. then when I became a Christian and repented from my sins, I sanctified my self-imposed label to “movement artist”. Not long after, I became a “Brazilian Jiu-JItsu athlete”. I tried so hard to keep up any identity that I had created for myself.

After all, didn’t some wise guy say, “You can be whoever you want to be in this world”? Yet, why couldn’t I sustain it? Worse still, every time I thought I found my identity, I was afraid someone better would come along and outshine me, and kick me out of my standing. I was constantly trying to reinvent myself so that I could be my very own.

I was never secure in who I claimed to be, because I grounded my identity on things.

Do you relate? Do you label yourself by your work, passion, or activity? Do you ever have that fear that if you stop whatever you are doing, or if someone is better than you, you will lose who you are?

See, if you don’t take the time to get to know your real self and be comfortable with it, you will always be planting your identity in your surrounding activities, and that often makes you feel insecure, because the world is always changing.

Learn about yourself. Be at peace with you, minus your job, business, causes, interests, or activities.

So that everything you do flows from a place of security and wholeness, and nothing can shake you.

Pro tip: Just as the best way to learn about a product is to refer to the manual or speak to its inventor, I have found that the best way to know myself is to refer to the one who created me! What do you think?

This was first published on Culture127’s Instagram page on June 9 2020.

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