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Words hold a certain power that can either build someone up to the fullest potential, or tear him/her down to rock bottom. They are more important than you think.

Use them to tell your story and invite followers in on the journey.

Use them to cleverly, yet truthfully, communicate your product selling points.

Use them to build positive sentiment and create authentic connections with your tribe.

Words do so much for you, and your audience, more than you think.


“Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit—you choose.”

Hebrew Proverb


In today’s visual age, it can be a challenge to get people to pay attention to writing. Try creating long-form content, and you lose a fraction of an audience, all because it was “too long, didn’t read”.

It can be discouraging, but can I encourage you not to quit yet? Here are some reasons why:

  1. Long-form writing is still a very much appreciated craft in many communities – it depends on where you are looking!
  2. You don’t always have to write long to get your message across – the question is, can you write succinctly and still make an impact?
  3. Like it or not, we still need to know how to write for the sake of daily communication. There is no waste in learning how to improve your writing.
  4. Writing helps you to process your thoughts, understand your needs, and communicate them boldly to people. It is a healthy form of self-care. If we all learned to practice this, the world would be a much better, kinder, and gentler place.

It’s not too late to start learning to write, and you can take comfort in knowing that everyone can benefit from this skill, not just professional writers. Pick up writing tips, techniques, and inspiration here at the Writers’ Corner!