[Free E-Book] Thinking of writing a book? Get insights with this download.


After so many years of wishing, hoping, and dreaming, I finally authored and published my own book in 2019!

Honestly, I believe I could have done so earlier. Authoring a book had been my dream since I was a little girl. I was not without a wealth of story ideas too.

However, there were many factors that stopped me from turning this dream into reality.

I would often start writing, but lost the steam to continue. Hence, many stories sit unfinished in my folder to this day.

Apart from fears of failure, as well as a “Quitter” attitude, I believe I had no idea how to go through with the whole project. The thought of writing a book was such a big idea that I felt intimidated by it, and did not know the best way to go through it.

So I decided to document my real-life experience of producing my first book: from the very beginning to the end.

This documentation is not meant to be a formula to fit every solution. Instead, this quick read (no longer than 1 hour) contains…

  • A narrative tale of my book-writing journey, so you get to read it like a story.
  • An honest discussion of my weaknesses and doubts, and what I did to overcome.
  • The practical steps: from ideation, drafting, to self-publishing… and all my mistakes revealed, so you won’t make them.
  • Questions of reflections that can help you overcome the mental roadblocks that are in the way of your dream as an author!

This is a free download and I believe this will be of great benefit to your book-writing process. Happy reading, and all the best in your book writing journey.